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The primary function of an exhaust is to allow gases and partials to escape and moderate the airflow that comes from the engine. A damaged exhaust can effect the performance, fuel efficiency, noise and emissions.  
It is also important to have a fully functional catalytic convertor (where one is fitted) this is checked during your annual MOT but should there be any problems or you notice any of the tell tell signs...  
Drop in or make an appointment with one of our exhaust experts who can advice you. 
Tell Tell signs you need to get your exhaust checked out by a professional 
Excessive smoke coming from the exhaust 
Louder engine noise while driving 
A knocking or rattling sound indicating something may have come loose 
Visible holes 
A low-hanging or dragging pipe 
If you notice any of these things bring your vehicle to us and we will carry out a free check for you and advice on the best course of action to solve your exhaust problems. Whether its a simple repair or a complete replacement our exhaust experts have you covered. 


Common indicators that your battery is on its way out 
After ignition the engine is slow to turn over 
Headlights are dim 
The engine fails to turn over and a rapid clicking noise can be heard 
Car batteries generally need replacing every 7 years. However this can be sooner if there is increased pressure on the battery with the use of in car extras, such as seat warmers, sat nav, chargers etc. If you notice any of the above indicator simply pop in or make an appointment for a free battery check. 
We are proud to be a stockist of Duracell Automotive Batteries. 
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We fit exhausts and batteries for all make and model of vehicle including cars, vans, trucks, buses and agricultural vehicles. 
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